Complex Sudoku Puzzle in Storyline

Complex Sudoku Puzzle in Storyline

Hello everyone,

Do you like playing Sudoku?

If yes, here’s a treat for you, lets see if you can crack it.

I took a challenge to create a Sudoku Puzzle in Storyline.

It was a bit tedious to work on as there are 58+ layers and 550+ triggers in this entire game, but I managed to create it successfully.

On the left I created a timer using simple JavaScript that shows how much time have you taken to complete the puzzle, if you have possibly completed it  😛

Each square box (cell) is associated with a layer. In total there are 58+ layers including the Congrats and Sorry layers and each layer has 15+ triggers in them.

Retain Correct values button, firstly checks each cell for the correct value. If the value found is incorrect the text variable associated with that cell goes BooM!! (Blank)  😉

It’s a bit chaotic, I know but I am satisfied with the output I’ve got in the end.

Here’s the link to the final output:

Would love to hear your suggestions and feedback.

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